Looking for Home Care Assistance? You’re in the right place! Search for your local office

Looking for Home Care Assistance? You’re in the right place! Search for your local office

Discover TheKey — the most trusted senior home care service in Clinton.

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16 W Main St
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Trusted Home Care Services in Clinton

Recognizing the needs of seniors in the Clinton area is essential when considering senior home care. We know how hard it can be to consistently have to rely on friends and family. When everyday tasks become challenging, and an elderly family member can no longer live independently, adjusting to this new reality can be tough. That’s where finding a trusted home care agency can make a world of difference. At TheKey, our professional and compassionate care ensures that seniors can age comfortably at home, providing families with peace of mind.

Connecticut DCP Registration Certificate: HCA.0001801

We facilitate independence, confidence, and healthy aging in the familiar setting of home. Rely on our exceptional client satisfaction ratings, compassionate caregiver support, and proven expertise to provide top-quality care.
Benefits of Home Care
We make it easier to age well — in the comfort of your home. Here’s how.
  • Comfort
    Receiving care at home promotes familiarity and security.
  • Independence
    At-home care helps maintain independence by providing help with daily tasks while respecting the need for autonomy.
  • Consistency
    We help maintain familiar routines, which contributes to a sense of stability and well-being.
  • Enhanced Safety
    A safe living environment is key to living well. Our caregivers regularly assess and address potential safety risks at home.
  • Peace of Mind
    Knowing that we’re providing compassionate care at home provides reassurance and reduces stress all around.
TheKey App
Get transparent insight into your loved one’s care, and reach a caregiver anytime there’s an issue, 24/7.
Our dedicated team includes caregivers with a wide range of focuses, skills, and credentials!

Our caregivers are permanent members of our team, not independent contractors. They deal with scheduling, performance evaluations, and various other responsibilities, so you don’t have to — freeing up more time for you to spend on what matters most.
Frequently Asked Home Care Questions
What’s the best home care?
The best home care is provided by reliable caregivers who are trained and backed by a home care agency that’s insured, providing oversight, care guidance, and back-up caregivers as needed.
How do I find the best caregiver for my loved one?
The best caregiver who has the training to support your loved one’s care needs.

It’s also important to find a caregiver who’s extremely reliable, —has back-up if necessary, —and is a good fit in terms of personality and shared interests.
Is home care better than moving to assisted living?
Nine out of ten older adults would prefer to live independently in the home they know and love rather than moving to a facility or assisted living community.

With the right level of support, most people can continue to live safely and comfortably at home even as they age.
How much does home care cost?
Home care is typically billed by the hour, so the cost depends on the number of care hours per week and can vary slightly by region. Most families pay out-of-pocket for their care or use long-term care insurance.
Is a home care agency better than hiring a private caregiver?
If you value safety, security, and reliability, yes. A quality home care agency is insured and also manages the performance and scheduling of its caregivers, handles billing and payroll, and has back-up caregivers to fill in when needed.

With a private hire caregiver, you’re responsible for setting up payroll and withholding taxes, caregiver vetting and background checks, and purchasing sufficient liability insurance to cover any accidents or injuries in the home.
In Their Own Words
Read reviews from real people (and their loved ones) in the Clinton area who chose TheKey for their care.
  • The people you sent from the beginning have always been just who we needed.
    - Joan J., Clinton, CT
  • Excellent service.
    - Brent H., Madison, CT
  • We have had a great experience with your caretaker. Also the people we deal with on the phone are very professional.
    - Kurt R., Clinton, CT
  • My caretaker is wonderful.
    - Barbara K., Clinton, CT
  • Great professional care.
    - Beverly T., Clinton, CT
  • Staffing has been dependable, and we have found the caregivers to be well trained, kind, compassionate, and efficient. The office staff and supervisors have been very helpful when we have had any issues.
    - James C., Clinton, CT
  • Caregivers are very helpful and pleasant. My parents are happy with them.
    - Beth K., East Haddam. CT
  • All of the staff with whom I have been in contact bend over backwards to help accommodate my unique situation. The caregivers, especially my mom’s live in caregiver are extraordinary in their skill, patience, compassion, and commitment to their work.
    - Hugh B., Waterford, CT
  • Caregivers are very responsive to patients needs and comfort. Care managers have been quick to resolve any issues regarding our concerns.
    - Gaspar C., Clinton, CT
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TheKey to Aging Well in Clinton
Get expert insights on healthy aging, and more topics important to you in Clinton.
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We know that Parkinson’s disease affects an aging adult physically, emotionally, and mentally. But Parkinson’s also has an effect on family members. In order to prepare for the challenges that this life-changing disorder creates, it can help to understand some of the ramifications of Parkinson’s on family dynamics.
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Set up a free phone consultation to find the right support and services to live and age successfully at home. Please email HRServiceCenter@thekey.com for inquiries on caregiver applications.
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